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Available in various sizes, framed & unframed or on canvas. Price on enquiry.

Available for bespoke commissions.


My motivation is to reinterpret the world and everything in it as it’s experienced within my own imagination.


I am inspired primarily by colour and secondly by the rhythms I create between those colours and their forms. I work largely in an abstract style, due to its freeing and cathartic application, often not knowing where or when a piece will end. I call this process ‘no form only expression’ as I work on an intuitive level with no sketching or planning beforehand. Only after the completion of a piece will I attempt to understand its visceral journey.


I am also influenced by nature and my environment and am compelled to reinterpret them, combining a variety of materials in an impressionist style.  I use my paintings as backgrounds such as sunsets and seascapes, as well as the mosaic pieces that are layered upon them. I use photography as I’m drawn to the relationship between light and dark and everything in-between. For instance, I take photographs of items such as wine bottles, perfume bottles and lighters at different times of the day in different locations, capturing colour at various stages of light exposure. The flowers you see in many of my mosaic pieces are photographs of the foyer ceiling in the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas which is an ocean of coloured glass sculpture. My work also contains a multitude of things that I find in everyday life, from broken glass on a pavement to driftwood from a beach.


The transformation of the discarded or unwanted is at the centre of my work. I seek to find a place where it can be seen anew in a constantly evolving cycle of colour and shape.